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The United States may “disconnect” permanently and withdraw from WHO

According to CNBC news, trump threatened the United States with a permanent “disconnection” and withdrawal from who.On May 18 local time, US President trump shared a letter to World Health Organization director general Tan Desai on social media twitter, threatening to permanently cut off US funding for who.

Trump tweeted and topped: “this is a letter to Dr. Tan Desai, director general of the World Health Organization. There’s no need to explain! “.In his letter, trump said that if who “cannot commit to making significant substantive improvements in the next 30 days, I will permanently freeze U.S. funding to who and reconsider U.S. membership in the organization.”.

Trump first announced in the four page letter that he suspended U.S. funding for who in April and waited for his government to investigate who’s “failure to respond to the outbreak.”. Trump then said the investigation confirmed many of the “serious concerns” he raised last month and identified other issues that who should have addressed, as well as the “lack of independence of who from China” issue.

At the end of the letter, trump did not forget to continue to “throw the pot” to who and China for their poor response to the domestic epidemic, accusing Tan Desai and who of “repeatedly making mistakes in the epidemic and bringing extremely high costs to the world”, and declaring that “for the World Health Organization, the only way forward is that it can be independent from China”.Trump’s announcement last month of a moratorium on U.S. funding to who, in the context of the new crown epidemic, drew strong public criticism.

CNBC said it was unclear how trump would hold the funds, most of which had previously been funded by Congress. The president of the United States usually has no right to unilaterally adjust congressional funds, CNBC said.